We currently offer our large-volume vitrification system for the storage of oocytes, cleavage-stage embryos, and blastocysts. Please read the information below regarding our unique system and how to order.

Why ICE is different than other systems

• Does not use DMSO, thus avoiding toxicity issues associated with that cryoprotectant

• Is not reliant on ultra-fast cooling and warming rates

• Uses conventional 0.25cc cryo-straws that are inexpensive, sterile, and heat-sealable

• Allows for longer incubation times to ensure proper dehydration and cryoprotectant uptake, and more time (up to 4 min) to load and vitrify your cells

• Can also be used with micro-volume storage devices such as the cryo-top, micro-secure, HSV straw, cryo-pette, etc.

To know more specific info about Cryobiology


Here you will find current results from clinics using the ICE Vitrification system. There are over 35 clinics worldwide using the vitrification system to store oocytes, embryos, and blastocysts. What is shown here is data currently recieved from clinics. This table will be updated as new information is obtained.