Should i collapse my blastocysts?

No, there is no need to collapse blastocysts vitrified using the ICE Vitrification System.

Beause our large-volume vitrification media is very different than the conventional EG/DMSO-based media, different rules apply. Although collapsing blastocysts will not harm the outcome, it is unnecessary. Past studies have confirmed that most all of the cells in the trophectoderm and inner cell mass remain intact after thawing. Therefore, the cells are dehydrated and loaded with cryoprotectants to provide adequate protection during the vitrification and warming process.

Most, if not all of the labs currently using our system do not collapse their blastocysts. Please visit our results page for more information on survival rates. In addition, it is preferred that later stage blastocysts, those that are expanded with thinning zonas, be vitrified. Late D5 or D6 expanded or even hatching or fully hatched blastocysts can be vitrified. Although smaller blastocysts will also survive, feedback from current users suggest that these more developed blastocysts provide their best results.