I have to ship embryos to another lab

No problem! We completely support the ICE Vitrification System through the thaw procedure even if it occurrs at another facility! Just follow these easy steps:

1) Email or send a printed copy of the thaw protocol to the clinic requesting vitrified material. Or contact me (James Stachecki) and I will email it to them.

2) Please let me know what stage was frozen (oocyte, embryo, or blast) and what storage device you used (standard 0.25cc straw; micro-secure; HSV; cryo-loc; etc.).

3) Send the clinic my email (jstachecki@gmail.com) and phone number (973-632-8635) and have them contact me (preferably by email) so I can send them media and go over the thawing instructions.

4) Send me the address, phone, and contact person (lab director) of the lab requesting vitrified material as soon as you know you are shipping the vitrified samples. Preferably before you ship the samples.

5) I will send them thaw media at no charge. Please allow one week for me to do this.