Which storage device should i use?

The one you feel most comfortable with. Any storage device can be used with the ICE Vitrification System. We suggest you use a closed system for safety reasons.

Beause our vitrification media is very different than the conventional EG/DMSO-based media, different rules apply. You can use either a large-volume or micro-volume storage device. Because of the differences in stimulation protocols, patient demomographics, culture systems, etc. there are differences in embryo quality. Additionally there are, sometimes, large differences in technical skill within and between labs. Therefore, one storage device may work better for one lab and not as well for another. We suggest you try several devices and see what works better for your clinic.

For starters, we suggest you use a conventional 0.25cc straw because it is sterile, heat-sealable, readily available, and inexpensive. The ICE Vitrification was designed to use this large-volume storage device and many labs are familiar with using it. Other choices would be the micro-secure system (stripper tip sealed within a 0.5cc straw). Of course there are all of the other micro-volume devices such as: (closed) HSV straw and cryo-pette; and (open) cryo-top, cryo-loc, etc.

Although most clinics use a 0.25cc straw, there are clinics using the ICE Vitrification System with a variety of the devices mentioned above. Please contact us for more information.