Vitrification does not work for me

Don't worry, we understand. There are a lot of clinics that are in the same situation. Yuo have tried several vitrification systems and still cannot achieve the 95% survival rates many publications report.

First, only the most successful studies are published. This results in an inflated impression of success rates. Second, the typical DMSO/EG vitrification systems can be difficult to get to work in some labs. They tend to be very skill dependent.

Our ICE Vitrification system is very different than any other system. It is a large volume system that does not use DMSO. Therefore, you can use a larger storage container (0.25cc straw) like for slow-cooling, and you have more time to do the vitrification. This reduces the stress of loading you cells onto a small device and plunging in a matter of seconds. Depending on the cell type you are vitrifying you have 2-4 minutes in the final vitrification solution, which means you don't have to rush and can vtrify numerous cells in one run. This takes the stress out of the procedure and makes the learning curve very small. Please visit our products page for more information about our unique easy-to-use vitrification system. a but that does not affect survival in this system. The reason is that the media is very different than other systems.