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I.C.E. is a research and consulting company that specalizes in the cryopreservation and vitrification of gametes and embryos.  Our expertise covers human reproduction, as well as, domestic and non-domestic mammalian species.

I.C.E. endeavors to provide the best cryopreservation systems available.  We have innovated a large-volume vitrification system that is becoming hugely popular in the human IVF field due to the ease of use, great results, reasonable cost, and our dedicated service.  Our goal is to help one clinic at a time improve the pregnancy results of their cryo-storage program. 

Vitrification Specialists

This website is your source for information about all things associated with vitrification and cryobiology.  We have experience in the storage of mammalian gametes, embryos, cells, and tissues.  We provide many useful articles and tips for improving your cryopreservation system and reaching your IVF clinic's goals.  Many answers and information can be found in the news and help desk sections of this website.  Current clinical results from participating labs can be found on our results page.  You can also contact us with your questions at: 

Our team of experts can help you!  We have organized a group of scientists, embryologists, and reproductive endocrinologists to help you with any problem or question you may have about your cryopreservation program.  The success of a vitrification program is dependant upon much more than just survival after warming!  Our experts in laboratory set-up, embryo culture, cryopreservation, embryo transfer, and patient stimulation are here to help you with whatever question you may have.  Visit our Staff page to view our new team!

We provide answers for all of your cryopreservation questions.  No matter what system you are currently using we are the source for information.  We are here to help you.  If you are freezing/vitrifying oocytes, embryos, or blastocysts and have questions or do not understand specifics about the process, please contact us.  We also provide information about sperm and tissue cryopreservation. 

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Vitrification Products

ICE Vitrification Systems for Oocytes, Embryos, & Blastocysts

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Vitrified human oocyte - I.C.E. Vitrification System