is a research and consulting company that specializes in the cryopreservation and vitrification of gametes and embryos. Our expertise covers human reproduction, as well as domestic and non-domestic mammalian species.


The only method of stable and long-term (practically infinite) preservation and storage of any perishable biological materials particularly cells, is to keep them in the glassy (vitreous) state.

This was apparent to Father Luyet when he titled his pioneering work "The vitrification of organic collods and of protoplasm" and "Revival of frog's spermatozoa vitrified in liquid air".

He and other "pioneers of the cryobiological frontiers" clearly understood some 40-70 years ago that only a glassy state would insure stable and non-lethal preservation of cells.

With time, we saw the development of a variety of biopreservation methods, such as slow-cooling. It was Luyet's work, wich would make cryopreservation a science.


ICE Vitrification System

Our system is very different than other vitrification systems:

does not use DMSO, thus avoiding toxicity issues associated with that cryoprotectant

is not reliant on ultra-fast cooling and warming rates

uses conventional 0.25cc cryo-straws that are inexpensive, sterile, and heat-sealable

allows for longer incubation times to ensure proper dehydration and cryoprotectant uptake, and more time (up to 4 min) to load and vitrify your cells

can also be used with micro-volume storage devices such as the cryo-top, micro-secure, HSV straw, cryo-pette, etc.


ICE offers consulting services for your IVF clinic in the area of cryobiology and embryology. If you are starting up a new lab or are already established and need help with your cryopreservation program we can help.

Dr. Stachecki has over 15 years of experience slow-cooling and vitrifying eggs, embryos, blastocysts, and sperm from several mammalian species including humans.

Consulting Services Offered

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